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Credit Builders Alliance

Credit Builders Alliance is a nonprofit organization creating innovative solutions to help non-traditional financial and asset building institutions serving low and moderate income individuals build client credit and financial access in order to grow their businesses and/or personal assets.

Credit Building Tools

Justine PETERSEN’s unique Credit Building Services emphasize new, good lines of credit to positively impact your credit score and credit profile.  Services include:

Individual Credit Building Consultation and Planning. Counselors meet one-on-one with clients to assess income, debt, credit history and financial goals and create a Credit Action Plan  to overcome barriers to accessing affordable capital.

Access to Credit Building Financial Products.  Justine PETERSEN originates a Credit Builder Loan and refers to other safe and affordable products to assist individuals with "thin" credit files to establish a good line of credit on their credit report. 

Assistance with:

  • Establishing a bank account.  Justine PETERSEN partners with several financial institutions to offer checking and savings accounts to those that are unbanked or underbanked.

  • Budgeting.  Counselors work with clients to develop a Monthly Household Budget that includes monthly payments on new lines of credit.

  • Disputing Errors on the Credit Report.  Counselors prepare Dispute Statements and Follow-up when necessary.

  • Negotiating Settlements with Creditors.  Counselors assist clients to work with creditors to reduce the amount of old bad debt.


 Additional Credit Building Tools

Understanding Your Credit Report

Top Ways to Build Good Credit 

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