Credit Building

JP Assists to Build Good Credit

  Watch the video and learn how jP helped Albert Marshall. 


Credit Building Tools

Justine PETERSEN counselors meet one-on-one with clients to assess income, debt, credit history and financial goals and create a Credit Action Plan to overcome barriers to accessing affordable capital. 


Credit Education

Financial Education Marathon

This series of classes is taught back-to-back from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on the third Saturday of every month.  Lunch and childcare are provided.  To register, contact Katie Kristensen at (314) 533-2411 x 103.

PNC Bank’s Foundations of Money Management

This course teaches the basics of managing a checking account and developing a household budget. The instructor discusses ways to avoid overdrawing your bank account, reduce your debt and save more. Upon course completion, participants may open a Foundations of Money Management checking and savings account with a PNC Banker who will be available on-site.

Build a Basic Budget

This course teaches how to track spending, identify spending leaks and find ways to save. The main focus of the course is to set short- and long-term financial goals and to set up a sound spending plan, and also learn specific financial tools to reach the goals.

Insurance Needs and Risk Management

As your assets grow, so does your risk!  A licensed insurance agent will discuss different types of insurance and asset coverage including home and life insurance.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

This course teaches the basics of the credit reporting system and offers tips on building a strong credit profile.  The instructor discusses how to protect your credit and avoid identify theft.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act is also covered. 

Citi Webinar Series

Justine PETERSEN offers a series of four webinars on credit.  These classes are available via webinar or at Justine PETERSEN.  To register, contact Maria Sennett at (314) 533-2411 x 121.  Download the participant's guide.

Credit Basics 

This course teaches the 5 C’s of credit, when to use credit and the basics of credit reports and scores.

Maintaining Good Credit

This course teaches how to calculate your debt to income ratio, how to correct credit errors and problems on your credit report and how to maintain good credit.  The FACT Act is also discussed.

Credit Cards

This course teaches about the things to consider when selecting a credit card.  The pros and cons of using credit are discussed.

Identify Theft

This course covers how to know when Identity Theft occurs, how to avoid Identity Theft and what to do if it occurs.  Debt collection practices and your rights are also discussed.

Unless otherwise indicated all courses are taught at:
1023 North Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO  63106