Credit Building

Annie E. Casey Building Credit for Life

  Watch the video and learn how to build credit.

Credit Building vs. Credit Repair

Is there a difference?  Is it more than just words?  We think so as do hundreds of our satisfied customers.  “Credit Building” has gained momentum nationally, focusing on raising your credit score through actual active lines of open credit.  Your credit score rises when you make monthly payments on time and keep your balances low.  Your credit score plateaus if you merely repair or clean-up your credit.  Your credit score is no different than your human body; both need to remain active to be in good shape.

Credit is an Asset

  Justine PETERSEN has a unique philosophy that Credit is an Asset. Watch the video now.

Justine PETERSEN's innovative credit building program focuses on how to best help low - to moderate income individuals build credit and have high credit scores. Many believe that if individuals pay off bad debts or collection accounts this will help with their credit score increase. The “Credit as an Asset” model has found that establishing affordable, positive lines of credit that report to the credit bureaus can increase an individual’s score significantly; allowing individuals to save money each month on interest, rental housing, insurance payments, and more.

Financial Capability vs. Financial Literacy

Learning about personal financial matters is not enough.  You have to put in to action your knowledge to realize actual results.  This is called financial capability.  Justine PETERSEN is a nationally recognized leader in the field of financial capability.  We help people obtain financial products and services that produce real world results:  higher credit scores, access to affordable credit and bank accounts.  Justine PETERSEN believes you should not only be financially literate, but financially capable.