Credit Building

2015 Loan Originations

Micro-enterprise Impact 

Great Rivers Community Capital

Great Rivers Community Capital was created to expand financial products to the clientele of Justine PETERSEN. Since lending began in 2002, Great Rivers has:

  • Originated $1.7 million in consumer loans to 5,100 individuals for short-term emergencies, credit repair/ enhancement, and payday loan alternative

  • Originated $1.6 million in second mortgage loans to 495 borrowers for down payment and closing costs, foreclosure prevention, and debt consolidation

  • Originated $1 million in first mortgage loans to 36 first-time homebuyers

  • Originated $850,000 to over 100 entrepreneurs for micro-enterprise

Great Rivers is focused on expanding consumer finance products as an alternative to pay day lenders and opportunity to establish credit and banking relationships. As the credit market tightens, it is more difficult to access affordable financing with imperfect credit. Pairing Justine PETERSEN’s Credit Building Services with Great Rivers’ consumer finance products and building on strong partnerships help the under-banked to access mainstream financial institutions and start on the path to homeownership.