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We Can Meet Your Housing Needs

Justine PETERSEN assists families to move up or down in home size depending on their needs. Some need a bigger home to accommodate their growing families. Others need to down-size as the “nest” grows empty. Our focus is to assist families to meet their individual real estate goals. We assist with securing financing and real estate services for our experienced home buyers as well. 

Experienced Home Buyers

You get a great mortgage

Another family gets a chance at the American dream

Justine PETERSEN’s Home to Home, a line of socially responsible mortgage products, is all about sharing the American dream of homeownership.  A mortgage through Home to Home will get you:

  • Competitive rates and fees

  • Personal, professional service

  • Home purchases or refinances

  • A simple, efficient closing

And at the same time, you’ll be helping other families in our community.

Justine PETERSEN invites you to obtain a mortgage through Home to Home.  We promise all the advantages of a typical lender, but with a big difference.

As a non-profit organization, Justine PETERSEN uses income from Home to Home to help low-income families purchase homes of their own.

Your new home helps make a new home possible for someone else.  It’s a Home to Home sharing of the American dream.