Small Business

MicroMentor Group

MicroMentor connects entrepreneurs with business volunteers who offer mentoring, answers, and more. Join Justine PETERSEN's MicroMentor group as an entrepreneur seeking technical assistance or as a business professional able and willing to give business advice.

Existing Businesses

Looking to grow your small business?  Justine PETERSEN is the next step.   Many Justine PETERSEN clients have existing informal businesses, but do not have written business plans.  Justine PETERSEN assists entrepreneurs to transition from informal to formal businesses through technical assistance, training and loan origination.

Your Pay Day Loan Alternative

Emergencies happen to everyone.  When you don't have access to a rich uncle and your credit card limits are small, think Justine PETERSEN for access to safe, affordable business capital to buffer unexpected emergencies.  After the crisis has passed, Justine PETERSEN's credit building services can assist you to plan for future business cash flow emergencies.