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Justine PETERSEN Board of Trustees


Mr. Eddie Davis, President

CEO, Center for the Acceleration of African-American Businesses


Ms. Rochelle Bea, Secretary

Owner, Beginning Futures


Mr. Allan D. Ivie, IV, Treasurer

President, Reliance Bank


Ms. Martina Gutierrez

Social Worker, Grace Hill Settlement House


Mr. Keith A. Willy

COO/Principal, Twain Financial Partners


Ms. Laurie Peterson

VP Community Consultant, PNC Community Development Banking

Great Rivers Community Capital Board of Directors


Mr. Richard Torack, President

Attorney, Self-Employed


Mr. Mathew Ghio, Secretary/Treasurer

Attorney, Self-Employed


Mr. Robert F. Boyle



Mr. Ron Hawley

Market President, Regions Financial Corp.


Mr. William Kovacs

Attorney, Retired  


Ms. Angela Burrage

Small Business Consultant, Self-Employed 


Ms. Michele Hintz

Relationship Manager – Commercial Banking, U.S Bank


Mr. Eddie Davis

CEO, Center for the Acceleration of African America Businesses


Mr. Donald P. Doherty

Regional President, Montgomery Bank


Ms. Elissa Schauman

VP New Business Initiatives, U.S. Bancorp CDC


Annual Report

Community Impact 2016

Justine PETERSEN's mission is to connect institutional resources with the needs of low- to moderate-income families and individuals so they may build long-term assets and create enduring change.

Loan Fund Partners


Victoria Ellis

Bank of America

Bank of American Charitable Foundation

Sheri Flanigan-Vasquez

The BANK of Edwardsville

Tides Foundation

Randy and Amy Fleisher

The Business Bank of St. Louis

PNC Foundation

Matthew Ghio

Calvert Foundation

U.S. Bank Foundation

Joanna Giddens

Capital One

Wells Fargo Foundation

Brian and Amy Glaser

Carrolton Bank


Galen Gondolfi

Citizens National Bank

Association of Enterprise Opportunity

Amber Gooding

Deaconess Foundation

Bank of America

Jane and Randall Grady

Dieterich Bank

The BANK of Edwardsville

Martina Gutierrez

First Bank

Capital One

Laurie Hauber

First Collinsville Bank

Central Reform Congregation

Ronald Hawley

First Congregational Church

Centrue Bank

Chris Hayes

First County Bank

Dieterich Bank

Michele Hintz

First National Bank of Staunton

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Gavin Holohan

Guaranty Bank

First Collinsville Bank

Kimberly Hughes-Gill

Heartland Bank

First County Bank

Richard Isserman


Greater St. Louis Foundation

Allan Ivie

Illinois National Bank

Housing Action Illinois

Tracy James

Liberty Bank

Local Initiatives Support Coalition

Breanna Kelly

Lindell Bank


Sarah Kirschner

Madison County Community Development

Metropolitan St. Louis CRA Association

William Kovacs

Marine Bank

Montgomery Bank

William Kreutzer

Mercy Investment Services

Reliance Bank

Dan Lee

Midland States Bank

Second Presbyterian Church

Christine McKenzie

Midwest Bank Centre


Constance Mueller and Kim Portnoy

Montgomery Bank

Kimberly Adeyinka

Sylvia Nissenboim

Morton Community Bank

Elizabeth Anderson

Rev Trust

Morgan Stanley New Markets LLC

Kathryn Arnold

Bridjes O’Neil

Opportunity Finance Network

Pat Barry

Laurel Peterson

People Fund

Rochelle Bea

Tasha Pettis Bonds

PNC Bank

Kiley Bednar

Ebonie Reed

The Private Bank and Trust

Maris Berg

Elissa Schauman

Regions Bank

Robert Boyle

Nancy Swrezynslu

Reliance Bank

Gail Brown

Jackie Taylor

Stifel Bank and Trust

Mary Brown

Tamra Thetford

U.S. Bank

Angela Burrage

Richard Torack

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Darnell Cage

Nancy Wegler

U.S. Dept. of Treasury – CDFI Fund

CJ Caldwell

Marjorie Weisman

U.S. Small Business Administration

Christine Carney

Gregory White


Linda Clark

Robert Williams


Rezhe Connelly

Keith Willy

City of Kansas City

Chris Cushing

Janet Young Rodgers

City of Springfield IL

Karen Cushing


City of St. Louis

Eddie Davis


Illinois Attorney General Office

Filomena Dean


Illinois Housing Development Authority

Jaymes Dearing


Madison County Community Development

Jaclyn Delfosse


U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

Donald Doherty


U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development 

Nicole Drone


U.S. Dept. of Treasury

Luke Duden Hoeffer


U.S. Small Business Administration

Chassidy Duffy



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